Your car. Its parts. Each with their own who, what, when, where, why and how.

Keeping up with it all can be draining (both mentally and fiscally).

The Fix

Waiver is a practical technology designed to manage all a car's maintenance by syncing owners with the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule (disrupting a retail pricing model & reducing decision fatigue in the process)


Worry-free reminders to check on stuff from the folks who engineered it; caring for your investment according to the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule shifts basis for decisions away from ads & marketing from the local mechanic or auto dealer (letters, emails, coupons, etc.) (profit-based) to a more practical approach (science-based)

Money Saving

Entertain bids from multiple parts & service providers; when maintenance is due, vendors are geo-targeted and notified automatically, and that information is sent back to you for you to consider... the customer finally "sets the price"

We Only Need

Download the Waiver app, enter some info; enter your car’s make, model, year, current mileage, VIN and zip code, and tell us for what items due up to that point you want bids.


Maximize your sale price; when you go to sell your car, we'll provide a record of all the maintenance you performed through the Waiver technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to join?

Yes. The only time you pay is when you pay the service provider for the maintenance they perform.

What if my specific car’s recommended maintenance schedule (make, model, year, etc.) isn't available when I sign up?

Well, first off, we're sorry (this is a rarity). Second, where we're notified in the event of such, when we track it down from the manufacturer, you will be notified and offered the opportunity to proceed with your enrollment.

Can I have multiple cars and service records?

Yes, but not more than 3 without paying: each auto enrolled beyond 3 will require a subscription to the technology.

Can I configure the reminders and notifications?

Yes, you can change the frequency for the reminders, the delivery method(s), or configure notifications for services.

How do I receive bids, and how do I choose the one I want?

Waiver syncs you with your car manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule, and when parts & services are due, automatically notifies service providers within a proximity specified by you (so, say within 20 miles of where you live). They quote (to change oil, check brakes, replace tires, perform an alignment, etc.), and that information is sent back to you for you to consider. "Swipe" between shops, pick who you want to complete the work. If you can't commit, Waiver can remind you. Bids are good for 48 hours.

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